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I got a business to take care of, ya hear me? So who the hell called me into this hole?! Was it you', spikey?! N-no! We are NOT lovers! Mia... Don't you get it? You can't cry yet. The only time a lawyer can cry is when it's all over. I feel winter's chill from the bare leaf trees today... Cute girls never lie. Ever.

(Who would have imagined me here... a Gavinners concert, watching Prosecutor Gavin 'rock'.) (Gumshoe indeed! Like gum on your shoe, he's impossible to get rid of!) At least hear the case before you decide on the outcome, Your Honor!

(drinks) Are you listening, Maya? If I had really wanted to save you…then there's one person that I should have gone and talked to right away. OBJECTION! Go away! Uh… W-Well, that may be true, but… But that's… That's because I've believed my clients to be innocent from the bottom of my heart! But if I were to get Engarde an acquittal… That… That isn't a proper defense at all! I became a lawyer because I thought… I thought I could save people who were in suffering and in pain… But… When I look at this mess we're in… I can't even protect the person closest to me. Even if I win the case, I still lose in the end… I just don't know what to do!