Ace Attorney Ipsum

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N-N-No way! It just… It can't be true! I mean, during our whole relationship, we were... But, but! You saved Maya! I will now return to you, your precious item... Eh!? I-I'm still learning... So you can really make someone levitate with it? Show me! W-why are you staring at me like that...?

(cuts in) I'll take a tea! Here's what I want you to do, Trucy. Take that memory, gently lock it away deep in your heart, and never speak of it. That's right. 'Mistook'. Coming from the Old Norse 'mistaka' meaning 'to take in error'.

Anyway, it says, 'bur'. There's no way it could be 'Spaghetti'. Move along or I may spill something on your face. Want a dose of experimental Hydroxyacelunodosetrase? Speaking of which, your suit would be about... … Your animal analogies have grown tiresome! You spiky-haired cretin! Now Miss Fey. I believe I'll take what's mine. The papers.