Ace Attorney Ipsum

Present your number of placeholder paragraphs. The judge will render the placeholder text.

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Here's a foolish example of some foolish sample text for a foolhardy fool

That's enough, Detective. You need not remind me further. *shudder* The murder weapon was a sword. Swords are, scientifically speaking, made of metal, right? Any questions so far? No, Maya, that is SPARDA.

Um... Gumtree, was it? Detective Gumtree? Hold it! ....................Just go already!

Words can not describe how screwed I am. I'm surmise that she has been frightened by the defense's demonic-looking horns! (It must hurt, to be ignored by a bird...) Y-Yes, Your Honor. I'm, um, a little nervous. OK, give me a minute... Well, it was snowing that night so I couldn't possibly have seen the stars. That run-down shack is hardly a 'lodge', is it...? And even if the stars could be seen, it isn't like I was there to look at them, right? Huh? You don't know, pal?