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Mr Wright, given the circumstances... I think we should have a test to ascertain your readiness. (drinks) Are you listening, Maya? If I had really wanted to save you…then there's one person that I should have gone and talked to right away. Were you expecting anything less? Now come along, we must hurry to the crime scene!

..She says 'English is very difficult'. (TELL. THE. TRUTH.) Which indicator is that? I'm not sure I see anything there. (writing notes) Wright… Wright… Wait! You mean THE Phoenix Wright. The Phoenix Wright from the Edgeworth murder case?

(Who is he talking about!?) You say the funniest things with a straightest face! No, you won't! I'll be the judge of that! Our job is to find truth, no matter how painful it may be. I swear it on my gavel! Please, come out!