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I believe what she just said was a mere prelude to the story she is about to tell. Try not to interrupt her again. Whaaaat!? Why would you think something like that, Your Hon... God-awful, maybe. I remember setting off the metal detector several times. I had to practically strip naked to walk through. Alaka.....alaka......ALAKAZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMG Oh great. Stop the presses. The Windbag wants to talk.

Sigh... Thank you, Mr. Kudo. You've certainly earned your Kudos for the day. Fine! I'll talk! You... you win, Lawyer. You've never seen one of these? It's a magic table! You know you're awfully forgetful these days Nick. I hope I never get to be a forgetful old prune like you. ...Maybe you really should sell all these books, Nick.

OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM! In Soviet Russia, World Flags Lunchboxe eat j00! Urrrr....Nnnn....F... (>_<;) Found it! LAWL!! Ooh! I feel a wave of CR34T1V3 POW3RZ coming ON! It's over 9000!!! LULZ! For my next L33T movie, it's gonna be 'The Steel Champion of the Earth'! It's gonna r0x0rz so many b0x0rz! I supposeā€¦ I wasn't really interested in saving you at all. (Yes... my poetry has that effect on some people.) Umm... Nick? Will I grow up to be like her [Oldbag]? Please say 'no.' (Her fingerprints are on the murder weapon...!?)