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Borginian Customs is very thorough. Everything and everyone gets checked. (Knowing her, the only kind of talking she likes to do is with her whip. Plus, I doubt the top-secret part was what stopped her from talking to you, Detective.) Hmm... For a moment there I thought we'd set the record for the shortest trial ever. No, my feeble friend. A 'mere' lawyer. Worth nothing. Zilch. Zippo. Nada!

(He's right, Mia... Go present something. You've got nothing to lose!) (Must remember to keep Trucy away from small, round fish...) Aha, ha, ha. Don't tell me it bothers you... (Mia's really got this guy eating out of her hands…) Before aiming for the throat, chew the neck shield off first.

...Um, it's been like this ever since I was a little kid. If you wish to hang yourself, Mr. Wright, you're welcome to, but not inside my courtroom. Oh! So that's my problem! I think I need to be shiftier!