Ace Attorney Ipsum

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What the hell was that wriggling piece of plywood!? It's my autograph. Now keep this trial moving. How can you call someone as good as Machi a 'pianist'? Why, that's like throwing him in the same class as Daddy! Talk to Santa.

And here's your badge. You can have it back now. You think maybe my beans are under-roasted, but you have no idea gramps. Hm? Hold on a sec... There's a different book stuck in here. 'The Steel Samurai's Adv...' Here goes! Give us an impression, Mr. Hat! (Ack! My eyes have locked with my reflection's eyes in the barrel window! As a student of Von Karma, I refuse to back down!).............I won. M-Mr. Armando! I believe in you! I know you were trying to save me!

How about you go through me when talking to her, OK, Trucy? Don't worry. I was up at 5 A.M. practicing my 'Chords of Steel!' Do you know what happened here? OBJECTION! Go away! Sorry, but them's the breaks. Couldn't you just take a cold shower or something? Try thinking out of the box! Don't waste time doubting the facts. Assume the clock was three hours slow and... Think through it! Ask yourself, 'Why was the clock three hours slow'? Figure out the reason, and you'll have your proof!